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Universal Laws: Laws of Life.

1. As above, so below (and as below so above):

This applies the concept of fractal universe, and the assimilation that everything repeats itself in the cosmos, the creation that we experience is being replicated in a systematic and fractal throughout the universe. Our world is just a small-scale replica and you yourself are a small fractal universe.

2. As is inside is out:

Like the previous law, the direction is indifferent. Reality replicates itself regardless of the direction taken. In this specific case is our inner world that is replicated in our environment, just the way you are, so is your life. What’s within you will manifest in everything around you.

These two first laws also known as the LAW OF CORRESPONDENCE.

3. Law of request: When we ask for something the universe is listening. Make your requests, ask without guilt, without fear, without begging and without arrogance because those emotional states only lower the frequency of our energy. Ask and be thankful. You are powerful, use your power and use it properly with awareness and common benefit, abundance in unity is at the same time our own abundance. The positive and the negative should disappear from our requests to make this request in a neutral manner.

4. Law of attraction: Your energetic vibration will provoke to attract or repeal what comes into your life according to your state. You attract everything that’s on the same frequency that you are in as well as you repeal everything that does not resemble to your current status. The beneficial application of this law is that it only requires a shift in attitude. You call everything that’s possibly related to you, if you are positive you will attract everything that flows in your same wavelength, instead if you are in a negative state and with a pessimistic attitude that's what you will inevitably get. Be aware that once you attract what you feel in tune with, your life will push away everything that is not equal state as you are tuned into.

5. Act of resistance: We are our worst obstacle, if you resist, you only sentence yourself to go over it again and again, you must accept what comes and let it flow. We should not obfuscate, we must be open and accept. Avoid unconscious resistance to be happy and be at full strength.

6. Law of reflection: Everything around you is a reflection of yourself, change yourself and what surrounds you will change. Just like that, we should not try to change anything outside without having done the change within us. Identify your own reflection in your surroundings and change inside you what you do not like, you’ll see the difference.

7. Law of the projection: We project in our surroundings who we are, both, good and bad. Assuming that we are part of the problem is the first step towards the solution. We tend to project onto others the flaws that are within ourselves. Identify what you project on others and you’ll know what needs to be taking care of.

8. Law of Attachment: We must detach ourselves from everything that keeps us from growing. The attachment to emotions, substances or people prevents us from new things to come into your life. By releasing from attachments you should begin to grow and evolve. Our happiness does not depend on objects, situations or persons, releasing this dependency brings you closer to full freedom.


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