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Universal Laws: Laws of Creation.

1. Law of Attention:

Focusing your attention on what you want will cause the universe to conspire to make it happen. Center your attention in a decisive and effective way and it will only be a matter of time to make it happen. The care and attention you devote to it will be proportional to the amount you get when it manifests.

2. Law of the movement:

Nothing is static and everything flows, this is the basic premise. You should not entrench your feelings, nor your most valued possessions, allowed them to flow so they can return to you multiplied. Flow with life, let it happen and you will come to what you want. Let your emotions flow as well as your feelings, these are like water if it stagnates it putrefies, you should allow them to go out and manifest without fear, like a river, pure and fresh.

3. Law of Abundance:

Take abundance as something innate in you. Let this come to you and don’t feel guilty. Be grateful and allow abundance fill your life. Happiness, love, joy, success, prosperity and generosity, will flow in you, if you don’t inhibit them with false merits and guilt beliefs. You deserve abundance in your life and it's time to enjoy it.

4. Law of Clarity:

If you're clear on what you want there will be no obstacle for you to get it. The more concrete and concise in your psychic focus the easier its implementation. Achieving your goals quickly and concisely depends on your clarity when it comes to focus.

The intention is powerful, even more than your wants and your desires. Your intention is concise and specific and therefore quickly evaluated and assumed by the universe. Setting a right intention on your actions will be sufficient for these to materialize and manifest accordingly. This law is subject to karma and the consequences of your intentions will be taken and summed.

6. Law of Prosperity:

You are a prosperous being by nature. Being a fertile or unfertile land depends on your mental focus. This law implies a systematic change in your approach to be applied to your advantage. Think, speak and acts like someone prosperous and you’ll see manifestation working for you. Apathy, fear and passivity play against you, feel capable, power your virtues and you will be a prosperous one.

7. Law of manifestation:

You are a spiritual being and you are in constant contact with the universe and the universe will try by all means to give you what you ask him for and it will manifest to you. Focus your thoughts to what you want and it will manifest. We create our own reality and this takes the shape of our will, you can do it consciously or unconsciously. Having this knowledge means we can manipulate our reality consciously and mold it to our desires, you just have to want.

8. Law of Success:

Success is often associated with material goods, but this is not success. The success is a total and sincere belief in yourself, confidence in your own actions determine the success in achieving them. Success in life is proportional to the reliance placed on you to do so. Living successfully relies only on the faith you put in yourself.


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