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Empower you through restoring, resetting and aligning your being with its highest form of expression. This is done by reading your energetic field, going to your core, to find the source of the issue or illness in your mind, body or soul.

How can this help me?

To bring balance in all aspects and enhance the quality of life for individuals. Advancing a Good Human World through simple yet revolutionary methods that heal the root of the problem(s) and restore your being to true harmony.

Understanding Disease and Illness in the Body

Disease or illness is your body’s great effort to draw attention, to literally draw out of your "own nature" a willingness to heal your body and soul.

Now is the time to understand, transcend and integrate all that your body is telling you. We all are capable of doing this, yet with guidance the process of healing is not suppressed, it's enhanced.

Call Session (Pacific Standard Time) or In-Person Session


Step 1
Send us a request using the form below.

Step 2
You will be contacted by email or phone (if you provide your phone number) within 24-hours. Please verify all your folders for our incoming mail response.

Step 3

Once you've scheduled your appointment, you'll receive a questionnaire by email. This helps focus on your intention, and your needs. Please submit this questionnaire within 24-hours prior to your session.

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Light Lead Sessions ($125 USD)

30 - 40 min

It’s aimed to people who have specific blockages that want to release. These sessions can have a duration from 30 -40 minutes depending on your own willingness when you have the session. If you feel depressed and you have no idea where it comes from, if you had a surgery years ago and you are still dealing with pain or any chronic pain, this is the session for you.

We eliminate emotional pains (fears, sadness, anger, anxiety, depression, guilt, frustration, resentment and others), physical pain (shoulders, neck, back, arms, hips, legs, knees, migraines, etc.) and unbalanced digestive system, circulatory system, hormone system, any of these issues could be originated by a mental, emotional, spiritual and physical state.

During this session you will determine what physical, emotional or spiritual blockage you want to unlock and request a specific technique for treatment (crystals, hand energy, orgones, etc.) or you can let us recommend the best treatment according to your case.

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Full Session ($150 USD) 1hrs

Is directed to people who want a full reading of their body and soul. We ask your permission to connect with your inner self. In our connection we are able to see into your believe systems and your history (ancestors, DNA, aura, chakras, etc.) and eliminate blockages regardless their origin. During the same session we will determine the treatment to eliminate your blockages, align and strengthen you.


This session can last up to 1 hours. This soul reading brings about a vibration an alignment, one can access the wisdom of the soul from a place of pure unconditional love where only information serving our highest good and purpose is revealed.

You will experience an inner self-realization, increase your inner peace, mental clarity, personal growth and emotional stability, loosen up blocked energy, persistent challenges of the past are gone.

It includes a phone follow up to answer any questions or if you need a quick energy boost.

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Quantum Clairvoyance Reading ($150.00 USD)    1 hr

This allows us to explore the depth of you, for you. It’s an opportunity to touch into and connect with yourself at the Soul level. During this type of session your Soul speaks to you through me, I will be your mirror.


Throughout the session, you receive images, information, and inspirations that help you to "view" yourself in a new way–in the "trueness" of who you are. 

As well, advice is given about how you can transform your blockages into blessings.

There is plenty time to ask questions.  Your questions are answered from the eternal perspective of your Soul. 


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White table Mass ($250.00USD)   1-2hr

The Mass is done in honor of the deceased and is intended to help them uplift their souls.

Is that possible? Or because I feel his presence at night?

How to be sure that it has transcended to heaven?. If we do not ask, we will not know if they have gone directly to our direct source or are in limbo for having outstanding debts. We can't know until we can call them and ask them.

After death we have three possible destinations:

Going to Heaven, which is the perfect thing and what it should be, unfortunately in my experience with spirits, is not always possible. To go to heaven, you have to spend your life in a state of peace, tranquility, harmony and be well focused. That is, we must do what we must do in this world in order to transcend and reach a degree of purification. And even in heaven there are also frequencies that allow us to see the difference of being and spiritual transcendence.


Purgatory is a course preceding access to heaven where the soul is purified and disposes for its transcendence to heaven. When we die and he has not fulfilled what was agreed from heaven when we arrive, and we forget and we do not manage to overcome damages of previous lives, or he has things to resolve of his selfish actions, and all the negative things that should not exist in a being, is when we go to purgatory for not having done what we should do here in the world, but right there, we are given the opportunity to vindicate our earthly actions and to know how to do it with the spirit and love with which we were created. To summarize, a person who ends up in purgatory is one who at the time of his death is aware of the actions of his life, vindicates himself to his essence, that is, realizes his mistakes and repents of all his evil deeds and wholeheartedly, that is where we have the opportunity to implore the infinite indulgence of our Divine source and when this happens our Custodian Guides lead us to what we call heaven to finish purifying his soul from the actions of his bad earthly habits and negative tendencies. That is why I emphasize that we must do what we agreed to come here in life.


It is also important to know that to help beings who died without having finished their life as it should have been, it is very important to help our deceased beings so that they can leave that dimension.

One of the best ways to help them is to make them Mass to ascend, to uplift their soul and absolve their spirit. To be able to get them out of purgatory and have the opportunity to have Peace and rest

In the mass of deceased beings, we can help them and intercede for those souls so that they can definitely leave that dimension or place as they are commonly called. The people who make the petition for the mass of their deceased, play a super important role, because the deceased can feel supported and use it as support for their spiritual transcendence. It is very important that they listen to the messages that the Custodian Guides can give the message that will reach the already deceased beings and so they can receive communion at Mass.

And who go to what is commonly called hell? These people who went to hell, were people who decided to end their lives because of so much pain and so much suffering for lack of love. Beings who have done a lot of harm to others as killed another human being, all those who have no respect for life and end their own lives or those of others. These beings can do masses to help them but it will most likely take them a lot, a lot, but a lot to transcend, if they manage to get out of there.

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ASK YOUR PSYCHIC ($45.00USD)Per question (very descriptive answer)

A simple call or an email or a text (as you prefer) serves to have an orientation of any doubt or situation you have, having clarity can help with stress, agitation, crisis, challenges of prolonged illness, pain, loss, low self-esteem, experience of mood, depression or lack of taste for life.

                                    ♥ ♥ ♥  

A conversation may seem nothing or insignificant, but when you find clarity to your doubts, or your situations, you will feel with a real support, you can clarify how to direct your future or your relationships of all kinds.Only two-way communication can help you find yourself and regain your joy.

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Block of 3 Sessions ($400.00USD) 1hr each

Some cases require more than one session due to the sum of the blockages that have accumulated to this day and the repercussions made on our health (body and spirit). In this case we will schedule one session per week for 3 consecutive weeks. In sessions two and three we will start with purification and alignment to continue the healing process where we left it in the previous session, in case new situations arise, these will also be treated during these sessions.

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