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Sara Vergara
Founder of

Good Human World

I was born in Mexico City, but I have lived in Southern California for most of my life. My close friends and loved ones call me Sari. I began working at the young age of fourteen. I started in the construction and tourism industry, and then continued onto the technology sector, to later train in the customer service field. I have always been a skillful student, seeking to learn more in all areas of higher knowledge. Some of my formal education includes Nutrition, Nursing, Business Organization, Real Estate, Law, and Alternative Holistic Certification. My health practices are integrated with my experience in studies of IFA, Kavala, Buddhism, natural remedies, aroma-therapy, Bach Flowers, Crystal Therapy, Life Regressions, Angels Guidance, Calling on the Ancestral Spirits, Meditation, Visualization, Biomagnetism, Emotional Coding, Aura Reading, Energy Healing, Energy Cleansing, Yuen, and Radiesthesia. It is with honor I say I was able to achieve my successes with hard work. Though I've always known there is much more in life than materialistic and comfort goals


From a very early age and throughout my life I have had countless experiences with the paranormal world. It is through these contacts that I know spirits, angels, and beings of light are here to guide or teach us. As I grew older I developed a deep affinity for the paranormal and spiritual world, and in time this began to manifest to set goals that my Higher Self had in store for me. I accepted the challenge and embarked on a journey for a deeper understanding. This spiritual pilgrimage took me to different parts of the world to learn from first-hand professionals and clairvoyants. With these incredible experiences, education and accumulated training, I began to treat and heal friends and family. This quickly became a springboard for the expansion of my healing practice to help the people and animals of the world.

I feel blessed to have an extremely loving and humble family guided toward spirituality, whom also actively participate in the spiritual world. They are a tremendous influence on me. Their support helps me continue on my healing path. It is with dedication and love for my beloved daughter, my family and all living beings that I am committed to my true calling - the practice of healing and awakening of human consciousness. Now is the time, my energy and intention are focused on helping others know their true and total nature. My passion and purpose is to guide self-discovery and the co-creation of good human energy on the beautiful planet we share. Together we are creators of a Good Human World.

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